Discover the Multiple Benefits of a Baby Ring Sling

Ring sling is an over the shoulder baby holder made of a long piece of fabric that is attached to a pair of big, usually metal rings.

This type of baby carrier could easily be adjusted therefore can be worn by multiple care givers. Since size of neither the baby nor the adult is a real issue with a ring sling it can be used from newborn stage through toddlerhood.

They can be used as a front or hip carrier, but also as a back carrier when a child has strong head support after 6 months old, although most moms, as well as the babies at such a young age prefer the front carrier style.

It’s so essential for the newborns to be however in the tummy-to-tummy upright position for so many reasons.

It requires very little practice to put in and take out your baby from the sling but after parents repeat the necessary steps a couple of times it becomes very natural sliding your precious cargo in and out.

While your baby is happy and content to be in the pouch and your hands are free, feel free to wear it anytime and anywhere, at home cooking, tidying, exercising, outside strolling, and running errands.

The long strap can satisfy many needs: burp cloth, sun or weather protection, darkness for sleeping baby, covering for nursing mom.

Nursing is extremely easy for breast feeding moms even more so than any soft-structured carrier on the market.

Ring slings come in different natural soft fabrics (hand woven cotton, wool and cotton combination, cotton and silk combination), and different patterns and solid or gradient colors.

Their length could very making them different sizes: small (67"), medium (73"), large (79") and x-large (85"). While medium seems to be the most popular size for any size mom, some nursing moms like to have a slightly longer tail so that they can use it as a nursing privacy cover.

Also as most ring slings can still be used when your child is a toddler you might want to go with a longer size so that as your child grows your wrap can continue to accommodate him.

The mom in the photo below wears size 14 and she is 5'-6" high. As you can see she can very well use the small size for her infant but depending on her needs such as nursing or carrying her toddler as we mentioned above she could go with a medium, possibly with a large or an x-large.

One end could be pleated where the rings are attached.

They are most of the time machine washable in cold water on a gentle cycle, fully reversible, designed to fit all body shapes and sizes, and easy to use with newborns and toddlers.

Below is the most commonly used product selection that you can buy on Amazon with free shipping and money back guarantee.

maya wrap baby sling

Maya Wrap Ring Sling

child's weight: 8 to 35 lbs

price: $79.95

Baby Jogger 2015 Summit X3

Sakura Bloom

child's weight: 8 to 35 lbs

price: $98.00

Schwinn InStep Arrow Fixed Wheel


child's weight: 8 to 35 lbs

price: $135.00

How to Find the Best Baby Sling?

Baby ring slings are essentially a piece of fabric between 7 feet to 8 feet with a couple of metal rings. So the construction is basically the same independently from the brand.

Also they are all adjustable to be used for front (tummy to tummy) and hip carries​.

They all claim that they can be used for newborns until toddlerhood.

Although the material could be different (such as cotton, silk or wool), good brands are all made with woven wrap fabric.

And as you will see from the baby sling reviews customers are all happy with the range of the products we exampled above. It looks like they are just very happy with the concept itself.

To sum up... it seems like your decision should boil down to three considerations:

1. Your budget. Refer to the table above for the price range on the market today.

2. Your fabric of choice. All of the above carry cotton ring slings, but only Sakura has slings in silk and Maya Wrap in wool blends.

3. One more consideration. Maya Wrap offers a light cushion at shoulder which makes a big difference in the comfort level and ease of the caregiver. 

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