The Superiority of the Cybex Car Seat

In this day and age of political correctness, we’re not supposed to generalize about cultures. But it’s difficult to keep yourself from gushing about German engineering and technology especially when confronted with such obvious examples of excellence. Cybex is a prime example, as it has been winning hundreds of safety tests for many years now. Its strollers, boosters, and car seats for infants are the epitome of superior design.

Let’s take a look at some of the Cybex car seat models that best illustrate the company’s dedication in melding function, design, and safety. They can be instantly attached to the Cybex travel systems so that they can also function as strollers as well.

The Cybex Aton 2

The original Cybex Aton was a superb design for rear-facing infant car seats. But the Cybex Company doesn’t rest on its laurels, and doesn’t stop innovating and improving. So with the Aton 2, Cybex incorporated all the most recent technologies that improve the safety of the infants who use the car seats. It’s meant for babies from 4 to 35 pounds, and who measure up to 30 inches tall.

For maximum safety, your baby is ensconced in a flexible shell that absorbs energy during a collision. It is supported by a 5-point harness,The Cybex Aton 2 thickly padded covers and EPS foam as well. The LSP (Linear Side-impact Protection) also transfers the force resulting from a side impact onto the shell itself, instead of to your baby. It’s easily attached using the vehicle LATCH system.

The load leg attachment is also a truly wonderful feature, as it helps support the head, neck, and body of the baby even in a collision. The load leg keeps the seat from turning forward in case of a crash, and transfers most of the impact energy towards the floor of your vehicle.

With the newborn inlay, even smaller babies can be accommodated. The inlay offers a more proper position and a better fit for the baby. The positioning even helps the baby with their digestion and breathing.

The Aton 2 is quite light, so it’s easy to move around. When you attach it to a Cybex stroller, you can extend the extra-large canopy integrated into the design. You can extend it to how much you want so your baby is protected from the wind and even the rain. It of course also protects the baby from the sun, as the canopy offers SPF 50+ sun protection.

The Cybex Aton Q

The Aton Q is another variation and improvement on the original. Like the other Aton models, it uses the LATCH system, a shell that absorbs the energy from impact, the load leg, and a very large canopy for protection against the sun, wind, and rain.

There are several improvements and innovations that may catch your eye. The LSP has been updated and improved, and the new version is now telescopic for adjustment. With the 5-point harness, the straps are softer for greater comfort, and there are shoulder pads as well.

The side-impact protection is also boosted by the new headrest that’s adjustable for the height of the baby. When the 8-position headrest is adjusted, the length of harness automatically changes the harness length as well. That makes it virtually impossible to misuse the harness, and you won’t have to deal with the troublesome need to thread in and out of the harness.

The Cybex Cloud Q

For really young infants, the Cybex Cloud Q is an ideal choice for a Cybex car seat. It’s meant for babies weighing up to 26.4 pounds, which is about the typical weight for babies who are 18 months old. In various objective tests for car seats, the Cloud Q consistently outperforms the rest of its competition. It really is that good.

The Cloud Q comes with a handle so you can carry Baby with you while they lay in a horizontal position. Their comfort is boosted by the longer leg-rest along with the automatic height adjustment. By helping the baby lay in a very flat lying position for the head, neck, and chest, the baby can breathe easier.

Adjusting the headrest automatically changes the sitting angle to the best position, and the car seat lengthens for the baby’s comfort. With this feature, even bigger children get the comfort and room they need. The headrest offers 11 possible positions instead of just 8.

Other Cybex Features

Keep in mind that each one of these car seats are all able to connect with other Cybex travel systems so that you won’t have to remove the baby from the seat to transfer them to a stroller. The car seat itself can be attached to the stroller or be used as a baby carriage.

One of the great things you can say about Cybex is that they’re not focusing entirely on just engineering and functionality. They have paid attention to how their Cybex car seat models. Without exception, these car seats look great.Other Cybex Features

You can choose among a wide variety of colors to suit your fancy, or to match the car seat with the car interior. Most of the colors look cool and elegant, which probably suits the taste of most people who can afford the Cybex.

The fabrics are comfortable for the babies, while they can be very durable. This is especially true of the exclusive special fabric they offer that looks like some sort of twill denim.


You’re in the hunt for a car seat for babies, you can do a lot worse than choose among the Cybex car seat models. Cybex is one of the most highly regarded brands for car seats and strollers, and they’ve reaped hundreds of awards for their innovative technology and design.

Even the prices of their car seats are actually very reasonable. The Cybex Aton Q, for example, usually retails for about $350, but some sellers may sell it for less. So look their product lineup over, and find the car seat that offers the best comfort and protection for your beloved baby.

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