Why the Clek Foonf Remains a Classic Design for Convertible Car Seats

When the Clek Foonf was introduced, it sent shockwaves throughout the entire child booster seat industry. The Foonf was awarded and recognized for its revolutionary safety features, as well as for its innovative technology geared toward comfort and convenience.

In 2012 it received the Juvenile Products Manufacturers award for innovation, and by 2014 it still received the award for Eco Excellence from Natural Child World Magazine and the Better Living Award from the Cribsie Awards. Its design remains a truly classic, and it serves as the foundation for later Clek designs.

For example, the recent launch of the Clek Fllo showed that the new variation still retains many of the basic features of the Foonf. The Fllo is just a more inexpensive and more lightweight version of the Foonf, and it’s for those who cannot use the rigid LATCH system.

Features of the Clek Foonf

Features of the Clek FoonfHere are some of the specifications and features of the Foonf:

  • It’s one of the best convertible car seat models around, which means you can use it as a rear facing convertible car seat for your toddler until they turn two years old, as the American Academy of Pediatrics recommends. After that, you can still use it as a forward-facing booster seat for your child.
  • When installed to face the rear, it is designed for young children who can already sit upright. It’s ideal for children who are 25 to 43 inches tall, and who weigh 14 to 50 pounds. But you can also buy a separate “infant-thingy” accessory that enables the Foonf rear facing convertible car seat to accommodate children who are only 19 inches tall and weigh as little as 5 pounds. In this mode, it’s also designed with an anti-rebound bar that adds to the satiability of the seat and also provides additional protection for the head of the child.
  • When facing forward, the seat can accommodate children who measure anywhere from 30 to 49 inches, and who weigh 20 to 65 pounds.
  • Its REACT safety system (rigid-latch energy absorbing crumple technology) was revolutionary when it first came out, and that’s because it operated under the same principle as the crumple zone for automobile body panels. It protects the child even in front facing mode and even from side impacts.

That protection is brought by a steel and magnesium substructure, covered with special foam that absorbs the energy from impact and which also covers the headrest with deep side wings.

  • Children also find the Foonf very comfortable. Many kids like the incline, the side rests for the head when they take a nap, and they have ample legroom when facing towards the rear.
  • At its widest point, the seat measures 16.9 inches. This means you can fit in 3 Foonf seat side by side. If you have three kids, this is truly a great convenience.
  • When you place your kid on the seat, there are side bolster magnets that keep the buckles and harnesses open, for minimum fuss.
  • The fabric covers for the Foonf are all certified by GREENGUARD, and they don’t contain any brominated and chlorinated flame retardants. They also offer protection against stains, bacteria that can cause foul smells, and moisture.

These fabric covers are removable, which makes washing them no trouble at all. What’s more, you can choose among many different fabric covers so that you can always match the fabric cover design with the preference of the child. You have lots of bright colors and interesting patterns to choose from.

  • There’s a limited one-year warranty in place, but the reputation of Clek for durability is quite stellar. The Foonf actually has a 9-year expiration date from the date of manufacture, so that’s more than enough time for your kid to use the car seat.
  • Once you’re done with it after 9 years, you can contact Clek so you can have it recycled. The entire seat—all the materials involved in its construction—can be recycled.

Pros and Cons

It’s easy enough to understand why the Foonf won a bunch of awards when it first came out, and why even now it’s hailed as a classic design for convertible car seats. This car seat is a marvel. It offers a great deal of safety because it enables children to sit facing the rear for longer. And it’s still a safer option when you use it in front facing mode.

Pros and ConsFor kids, it offers a lot of comfort, and there are numerous styling options too when it comes to the fabric cover. And parents like you will appreciate all the great conveniences, such as the easy way it installs in your vehicle and the fuss-free maintenance. It’s also designed for durability with its 9-year expiration date, and that it’s recyclable is a nice bonus.

Some parents may not like the need for assembly, and admittedly for newbies to the Foonf it may take an hour or more to complete it. But when you’ve gone through the process once, the next time you assemble the Foonf (when you buy your second) it may take only half an hour or even less.

A few parents don’t like the weight, but most daddies should be able to handle the thing. It’s great to bring along for air travel, as it’s specifically approved for aircraft travel.

Of course some may bemoan the rather higher than usual price tag, but then again most parents tend to spend money when their kiddies’ safety is concerned. At least with the Clek Foonf, you get your money’s worth, and more.


While Clek has continued to make new variants of this classic design, the Clek Foonf remains a testament to ingenious creativity and dedication to safety. Even now, it still remains one of the best convertible car seat models you can choose for your kid. It’s safe, comfy, easy to use, attractive, and even environment-friendly. Even with the price the value for money is excellent, and you won’t regret buying it.

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