How the Britax B Agile Double Meets Your Double Baby Needs

britexSo you’re looking to buy a side by side double stroller? That’s probably because you have twins or two kids with relatively close in age. Having twins is not as surprising as it was once. According to CDC reports, more babies are being born twins than ever before. Until 1980, about one in every 50 babies was a twin. By 2014, that has increased to one out of only 30 babies. It’s for that reason the Britax B Agile Double is getting a lot of attention recently, as many consider it a prime candidate for the best stroller for twins.

Of course, the Britax B Agile Double isn’t just for twins thanks to the flexibility its design offers. For various reasons some people like to adopt or have another child right away after having the first one. Others simply may want to find the best double strollers because their own baby is growing up closely with another baby cousin or neighbor.

So why is the Britax B Agile Double regarded as the best stroller for twins for so many people?

It’s Very Safe

Of course, the safety and security of our babies is our highest priority, and the design of the Britax B Agile Double offers very sturdy support. It can fit babies even right after they’re born, and carry them right up to when they weigh 50 pounds. That’s not 50 pounds in total, but 50 pounds per seat in the stroller, and that’s huge. even most single strollers go up to 40 pounds only.Britax B Agile Double

When they’re in their seats, the babies are further protected by separate and very large canopies, which give them shelter from the sun and the wind and even from light rain. For added safety, these canopies each have ventilation windows. As the canopies are separate, you can deploy only one if you want, such as when one bay is sleeping while the other is wide awake. And that will probably happen a lot…

The front swivel wheels offer a lot of maneuverability which you’ll need when traversing tight spaces and you can lock these front wheels easily for a steady and smooth ride on the sidewalks. When you want to stop, you can also use just a single step to lock the wheels in the rear. That’s a huge comfort right there as you will need all of your hands and feet when you multi-task caring for two demanding babies or toddlers.

It’s Very Comfortable for Babies

britax b agile doubleSafety is all well and good, but it won’t do if the baby doesn’t feel comfortable in it. Fortunately, Britax has incorporated several features that ensure your babies’ comfort.

First, the carriage inclines (“infinite incline” as Britax calls it) so that the babies’ position can be accommodated whether they’re sitting up attentively peering at everything, or sleeping comfortably.

The 5-point harness and head pad can be quickly adjusted, so that the entire carriage grows in length as your children do. You won’t have to keep on rethreading the harness.

It even has a suspension system for all its wheels, so that the babies are protected from all the bumps on the sidewalk. Each stroll in the park promises to be a smooth ride indeed.

It’s Very Easy to Use

Britax B Agile DoubleThe Britax B Agile Double isn’t just comfortable for babies, but for the parents to use as well. It can be used with just one hand! Also, many parents have reported that they’ve had no trouble with it on country roads, going through the airport, walking on pebbly hills, and even jogging on grassy fields.

One of its advantages is that even though it’s a side by side double stroller built to accommodate two babies each weighing up to 50 pounds, it’s not all that wide. It actually measures less than 30.5 inches across, and that’s narrow enough to fit the Britax B Agile Double through most doorways as well as through elevator doors. The maneuverability and ease of use are also boosted by its lightweight aluminum frame, so you can even carry it easily if you have too.

The handle is also nicely adjustable, so you can raise or lower it for your own comfort while you take your stroll. With the Quick-fold Design, you can close the stroller in just a few seconds. Once closed, you can safely secure the stroller with the chassis lock.

For your greater convenience, you have a large storage compartment under the two seats of the stroller, and this compartment can be accessed from all 4 sides. There are even a couple of extra back pockets with zippers so you can put in more baby stuff securely.

Finally, it is also ready for the Click & Go attachment system, so that you can use it as a car seat for infants.

Bang for the Buck

Britax B Agile DoubleThe usual retail price for the Britax B Agile Double is about $450, which is actually quite reason
able for a good side by side double stroller. You may even be able to reduce the price further with the use of a Britax coupon code.

But even in its original price, it’s actually quite a bargain considering that this is the best stroller for twins which many parents will recommend. More than 90% of its reviewers recommend it too.


What you need to remember is that this is probably one of the best choices out there for you and your babies. With it, they’re kept safe and comfy against the elements and the bothersome bumps on the road. They will be able to sit and lie here comfortably whether they sleep or lie awake and while they grow bigger. Your increased ability to Britax B Agile Doublemaneuver them prevents them from unnecessary bumps and nudges, while the rough road won’t disturb them greatly.

Its value for you personally is also truly great as well. Despite its size as a side by side double stroller, you won’t have trouble using it. Ask any parent with an ordinary stroller, and it can be a bothersome task to do. But using the Britax B Agile Double is a true pleasure to push around.

In fact, many are looking forward to using it. You can use it just about anywhere, and its safety features keep you from worrying too much. You can do your chores, take a leisurely walk, or you might even get your light jogging done with your babies right with you.

So if you have twins or two babies together, the Britax B Agile Double is a great choice and a true bargain. It’s the best stroller for twins you can get.

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