Baby’s First Foods

Discover Why You Should Prepare Homemade Food For Your Baby and How Easy In Fact It Is… Every new parent wants the absolute best for their little ones. When I closed my eyes and visualized my son growing up, among other things, I wanted him to be super healthy, acquire a good palate of tastes and […]

Discover the Multiple Benefits of a Baby Ring Sling

Ring sling is an over the shoulder baby holder made of a long piece of fabric that is attached to a pair of big, usually metal rings. This type of baby carrier could easily be adjusted therefore can be worn by multiple care givers. Since size of neither the baby nor the adult is a […]

Picking the Best Double Stroller for Your Needs

Finding the best double stroller is not an easy task. Establishing your needs and modes of use is one of the first major factors to consider. Your children’s age and size (some toddlers are very tall and they need more leg room) as well as the difference of age between them play also a key […]

Baby Carrier Reviews: A Guide to Choose the Right One

boba wrap-stardust

Wearing a baby carrier encompasses many benefits to the babies as well as to the adults: the close skin contact, and the comfort that babies seek at all times and with that fulfilled and secured feeling newborns love to nap while they are inside a baby carrier and pressed against their mom’s or dad’s chest. […]

What Parents Need to Know about the Clek Olli

clek olli

As parents, we’ve probably learned that car seatbelts are designed primarily for adults. Since you can’t really redesign the seatbelts to fit your children, you need a booster seat for your older kids so that they’re properly positioned for the seat belts to work as intended. That’s what you get from the Clek Olli, which […]

The Superiority of the Cybex Car Seat

In this day and age of political correctness, we’re not supposed to generalize about cultures. But it’s difficult to keep yourself from gushing about German engineering and technology especially when confronted with such obvious examples of excellence. Cybex is a prime example, as it has been winning hundreds of safety tests for many years now. […]

The Fascinating Features of the Doona Car Seat

doona car seat stroller

Well… to start just one word for Doona Car Seat: A super practical mobility solution for the baby but especially for the parents. It might come with a price, just below $500, but with the push of a lever it transitions into a compact stroller. And from a practical point of view, as parents of a new […]

Why the Clek Foonf Remains a Classic Design for Convertible Car Seats

When the Clek Foonf was introduced, it sent shockwaves throughout the entire child booster seat industry. The Foonf was awarded and recognized for its revolutionary safety features, as well as for its innovative technology geared toward comfort and convenience. In 2012 it received the Juvenile Products Manufacturers award for innovation, and by 2014 it still […]